The listed microlight types registered in any european country have automatic permission to fly in Switzerland.
Die Liste enthält die in die Schweiz automatisch flugberechtigten Microlight-Flugzeugtypen.

Requirements to join list of accepted microlights:

1. Type is certified after german LTF-UL or british BCAR-S airworthiness requirements
2. Type is a 3-axe microlight (trike, Gyrocopter & Heli are not allowed)
3. Type has a minimum wingload of 20 kg/m2

Pilot licence requirements:

You are allowed to fly in Switzerland with a valid microlight licence of any country.
Du darfst in der Schweiz mit einer gültigen UL-Lizenz irgend eines Landes fliegen.

Customs airfield entry proposal:
via airfield Birrfeld
via airfield Frick-Schupfart

Klick to this link and see the official list of accepted microlights allowed to fly in Switzerland (pdf-file
down the page)

Flights in Switzerland
with microlight aircraft